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 Are You Concerned That




May Be Present in Your School or Business?



Who We Are:

We have been known for many years as Intercept, Inc., a for profit corporation. The schools that we have serviced in the past and present include: Mustang, Yukon, Lawton, Mid-Del Schools, Moore, Mount Saint Mary Catholic High School, Putnam City, Canadian Valley Tech Centers in Chickasha and El Reno, Mid-Del Tech Center and Guthrie Job Corps. Due to the changing economy and budget cuts to the schools, most schools are not able to afford our services. Since our services are vital for the safety of the students and faculty, we have chosen to change too. We are now, Paws Against Drugs Society, a not for profit corporation formed to provide free or low cost drug prevention services to schools and businesses. 


What We Do:

We provide CLEET certified drug dog teams* to search buildings, hallways, lockers, grounds, parking lots and automobiles to locate drugs, alcohol and firearms. Drug dog teams can be requested for sporting events, proms and other school functions as well. We also have trained personnel to provide drug prevention presentations for individual classes or entire school assemblies. NIK Kit field testing of any substance found for the purpose of allowing administrators to take immediate administrative action is included. We provide emergency response for schools and businesses within the greater Oklahoma City area.


What You Can Do:

In order for us to provide these services to the schools for free, we need your help.  We are asking the parents and communities to take an active roll in keeping the children safe and drug free while at school by making a small donation**. Donations will be used to help defray our operating costs (ie, dog food, vet bills, insurance, payroll, etc.)


Ask yourself, "What is the safety of our children worth?" Then please give accordingly. Suggested donation** amounts are: $5,  $10,  $15,  $20  or whatever you are able or feel compelled to give. All donations, whatever the amount, are greatly appreciated and will help us keep the children in our schools safe and drug free. The more donations we receive, the more schools we can provide services to.


How Do I Donate?**

There are 2 ways you can donate:

(1.) You can send a check to: Paws Against Drugs Society, P.O. Box 20392, Oklahoma City, OK 73156.

(2.) Click the drop down menu in the "Donation Amount" box to the left, select the amount you wish to donate, then click the "Add To Cart" button.


*All teams are CLEET certified to find Marijuana. Cocaine, Heroin and Methamphetamine. *Our dogs have also been trained to detect alcohol and spent gun powder (firearms).

**At this time although we are a not for profit corporation and can solicit donations, the donations are not tax deductible. Once we receive our tax exempt status from the IRS (it takes 3-6 months after applying), all donations received, from the time the company was formed, will be tax deductible.